Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 05

READING Hear The Wind Sing/Pinball by Haruki Murakami. I got this as a gift last Christmas and I've been stuck reading this for more than a month now. For someone who used to finish a book in 2 days, I kinda feel bad. I promised that I'd get back to reading this year, but so far, I am nowhere near that.

WRITING quotes and bible verses. Yes, I'm finally getting back to calligraphy! πŸ’ͺ🏻

LISTENING Ed Sheeran's How Would You Feel. It was just released this Friday, and this is, by far, my favorite in his Divide album because this reflects the old Ed I loved most (the one during Plus and Songs I Wrote with Amy days). πŸ’™

THINKING if I should get a new phone or a laptop first. Or may be I'd just ditch the entire idea and use my money for travels instead. This last idea is pretty convincing.

SMELLING this cup of coffee I just made. 

WISHING I had more money for all the plans I've made for the rest of the year. It's only February and I already spent more than I should have! What happened to financial stability 2017?? Why is #adulting so frickin' hard?!

HOPING our travel plans for this year will push through. Lord, kahit 'yung local destinations man lang, okay na.

WEARING an old UP shirt and my super comfy H&M shorts.

LOVING the theme I recently bought from Etsy!!! If you've noticed, I went for a more minimalist look, removed the sidebar (including the ads and affiliates section because I think it's a waste of space), and focused on the posts itself. I also love the layout of my footer. All thanks to QuinnCreatives! She's very accommodating and even helped me set it up according to my preference after requesting a few changes. Go check her out for more minimalist blogger templates at a very cheap price! P.S. If you're reading this on mobile/tablet, I swear it looks better on desktop. πŸ’“ What do you think about TDQ's new look? πŸ‘‘

WANTING to start vlogging but I can't think of a topic yet, aka there's-nothing-interesting-in-my-life-right-now. And a tub Ocha ice cream please. My featured photo made me crave for their homemade premium ice cream. Try it when you're in Baguio! It's soooo good I swear!!!

NEEDING a relaxing weekend! Which reminds me, I won gift certificates from The Spa last week, care of Belle de Jour and Olay Philippines! I might use it one of these days.

FEELING super excited about my upcoming calligraphy and watercolor workshop(s)! πŸŽ¨ I know, I've been neglecting Γ‰crire for quite some time now, but I am very thankful to those people who continuously support this venture. So far, the details haven't been laid out yet, but I'm having one or two this coming month. It's my first time to actually organize a workshop and I'm not sure if I'd do well. But I promise to do my best to share my knowledge with the participants. I'll update you guys once it's all settled!

CLICKING nothing much. Weekends are for family (if I don't have anything lined up). So as much as possible, it's my time for social media detox and disconnecting from the online world (except for this post, obviously, hehe).

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Current Make-Up Routine + #DailyMakeUpTotal

photo of my daily make up items

For this year, it is one of my goals to really improve my make up skills. And by improve, I mean be a pro (or somewhere near that, at least) in contouring, highlighting, perfecting the winged eyeliner and do a full-blown makeup. I started my research, watched make up tutorials and read hundreds of beauty reviews to give me an idea on how it's like... which made me realize that this is no joke. Make ups are daaaamn expensive especially if you want the best ones! So while I'm still saving up for my other priorities, I'm gonna settle for the basics first. Who would think that even the simplest make up routine would cost more than thousands? Yep, even I didn't realize how much I'm spending on mine.

Just this week, there's this Twitter trend initiated by Ellie Centeno called the #DailyMakeupTotal. Basically, it's just a flatlay of all the beauty products that goes on your face everyday and how much they cost. Let's see how much I've spent on mine:

daily make up routine & how much they cost

TOTAL: ₱ 3,540*

Banila Co. Prime Primer in Matte. Retails at 1,060-1,090 in local Banila Co. outlets and BeautyMNL, but I was able to score this item from Althea Korea for a discounted price of 620! (I wouldn't buy this one if it wasn't discounted. Haha!) And I strongly suggest that you check on Althea KR first if you're purchasing Kbeauty products. More often than not, you'd get a better deal out of it!

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream. Hoarded a couple of these items back in our Korea trip in 2015. A small amount of this BB cream goes a loooong way and has a great coverage when applied evenly.

Tony Moly Liptone Lipcare Stick 03 Mint. Another product from our Korea trip and one of the best lipcare products I've had so far! I'm also using Beach Born Bam Balm as substitute because this one's about to run out (and I can't find it in local Tony Moly branches I've visited).

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. As much as I love trying new shades and brands, this has been my go-to/favorite MLBB shade of all-time!

Witch's Pouch Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. Originally priced at 470, I got this steal (again) from my recent Althea Korea haul. It works okay for everyday use but I'm planning to up the kilay-gaming  by switching to pomades as suggested by my blogger friend, Melissa, from

Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one Powder Foundation in Natural. My face gets oily in the afternoon (especially my T-zone), so I make sure to have a powder/foundation like this one in my bag. Another reason: it comes with a compact mirror, and that's pretty handy with the other make-up routines, too.

Maybelline Blush 'em Cheek Color 01 I'm Glowy. Got this for FREE from during her giveaway last month along with a whole lot of other beauty products from her loot! 

L'OrΓ©al Voluminous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara. A hand-me-down product from mom, so technically, I didn't spend on it. πŸ˜œ

Disclaimer: This is just my daily make-up routine and doesn't go extensively up to eye shadows and contouring. But basically, this is it, because I rarely go to events anyway. I like keeping it simple, so in most days, I skip more than half of the process and proceed to my "rush make-up routine" with just and eyebrow pencil, lip balm and lip cream.

eyebrow pencil, lip balm and lipstick

Nyx in Stockholm and Tony Moly in Mint

*I got some of the products for free but I'm still including their price for reference. On the other hand, other products were purchased at a discounted price, but more or less, this is my average.

For three thousand, I'd say my routine is pretty cheap compared to some others whose #DailyMakeupTotal amounted up to 12,000! And besides, most of my beauty products would last me a year, so I guess it isn't that bad. It all depends on how much or how often we use/apply make ups anyway.

How much does your daily make up cost?


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 04

Hello and welcome to another episode of me oversharing a bit more about my personal life! How to Really Know Someone questions tag is an on-going blog series wherein participants/bloggers will answer a certain number of questions per episode. Get to know me better as I answer 100+ interesting q's from the set and feel free to share your answers, too, on the comments section below. πŸ˜‰ 

20. How would you describe your father in four words?
Funny. Caring. Patient. Understanding.

21. If you were to change one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be?
I actually wouldn't want to change anything because I believe that God made me perfectly and that nothing else would suit me better than the way I actually look. But if I have to dig deep, I guess, my height(?). It's not much of an issue, but if I could gain just a few more inches just so I won't have to get my brand new pants repaired all the time, that would be really nice. Hehe jk. Through the years, I gradually learned how to accept and love my flaws & imperfections. I started to feel more confident and carefree, and it's one of the best feelings, really. Besides, there are advantages with being petite, too. 

22. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why?
After everything that has happened to me? Yep, I guess I could entrust my entire life to three people: my mom, dad, and Jo. I witnessed how they unconditionally loved me despite all the wrong I've done.

23. What is your favorite kind of flower and why?
Sunflowers! πŸŒ» I don't know, but it somehow reminds me that it's always a good day, everything's gonna be okay, that I just have to stay positive and I'll get through everything. Maybe because it's kind of sentimental to us, UP graduates, too.

24. What do you think about the death penalty?
Wow. Very timely. Okay, so I came across this info-graphic on Twitter a few weeks ago that says 7 out 10 suspects were wrongly accused of a crime. So basically, we've convicted more innocent people than the bad ones. I have yet to cross-check that statistics, but who would even be surprised given that we have a f*cked up justice system in the country? I wouldn't. It's no secret that we have been breeding pigs masked as politicians and government officials for decades now. And death penalty, in my personal opinion, would just make everything worse. Yes, I know, there are heinous criminals out there who makes me want to cut their balls out (sorry for the image), but then again, how about those people who are wrongly accused? Those who are innocent? I say we improve the judiciary system first before jumping into any abrupt decision like this immoral band-aid solution we call death penalty.

25. What is your ideal day?
Netflix and chill would sound very clichΓ© (and not true because I'm not subscribed to Netflix). But my ideal day would probably look just like that. A weekend free from responsibilities where I could stay in bed all day, catch up on Modern Family or rewatch FRIENDS for the nth time, stuff myself with junk foods, and of course, with Josh. πŸ’•

Check out the rest of my answers to the previous questions here.

What about you? What are your answers to these questions?


Monday, January 30, 2017

Be Summer-Ready with Beach Born

#SummerIsComing. And it's never too early to stock up on your beach essentials before your much-awaited escapade this summer season! A few weeks ago, I decided to include a few of them in my cart for my first-ever BeautyMNL haul. That's when I discovered this local brand called Beach Born

Beauty MNL Haul: Beach Born Bam Balm and Seal Salt Spray

Beach Born claims to be 100% made from natural ingredients, hand-made and cruelty-free. Taking from their name, most of their products are beach-themed. Meaning, they have a variety of lip and hair care items perfect for your next beach trip (or even for everyday use if you feel like it!).

I've read a lot of good reviews from BeautyMNL (their review section is a really good idea btw), so I decided to try their award-winning Sea Salt Spray and Bam Balm.

Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

The Beach Born Sea Salt Spray is one of the awardees as the Best Local Beauty Products in the recent 2016 BeautyMNL Awards and Female Network Hair Awards' Best Texturizing Spray


Shake well before use and spray generously all over from roots to tips. Style. 
For heatless beach waves that last all day: Spray a generous amount on dry hair and tie hair into a top bun or large braids. Let set overnight. 
For the perfect bed head look: Spray generously on dry hair then twist and scrunch in large sections. 
For a heatless blow-dried look with sexy volume: Spray on damp hair and let air dry. 
To keep curls gorgeous for 24 hours: Spray generously before and after curling.
- BeautyMNL

Before & After using Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

My hair is normally soft and healthy. The cons? I find it hard to set my hair because it tends to get back to its normal phase after about an hour.  In the photo above, I sprayed a generous amount of the hair spray before putting it in a bun. After ~45 minutes to an hour, I instantly got this beach waves that I've always wanted to achieve. 

The Sea Salt spray has a hint of coconut oil, but this scent isn't too noticeable when applied on the hair, which is a plus because it's technically odorless. And unlike other hair sprays, my hair and scalp didn't get oily, so I guess this works well as a dry shampoo, too.

The waves lasted for 2 to 3 hours before looking like I just got out of bed. So for a longer effect, spray a couple more after styling. It does feel like I've just gone to the beach because of the texture kinda frizzy but easier to style with a few twists and scrunches. Just don't expect your hair to be super soft and bouncy since the name of the product itself is already a fair warning. (Disclaimer: the effects may vary depending on the type of hair.)

₱ 180.00
⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 out of 5 stars)

Beach Born Bam Balm

I am an avid user of colorless balms (especially those minty ones), so Tony Moly's Liptone Lipcare Stick has been a staple in my bag ever since I discovered it a few years back during our Korea trip. But in all honesty, I find it a bit pricey for just a tube of balm ($11!!), and is usually out-of-stock in their local branches. That's why I was really excited to try this one out when I saw it on BeautyMNL.

Beach Born Bam Balm is also one of BeautyMNL's Best Local Beauty Products. This works as a lip scrub, plumper and moisturizer. All these benefits in just one tube!

I absolutely love the extra minty sensation, and the sugary bits evidently exfoliated and worked as a lip scrub for me. I usually apply it at night after a day of wearing lipstick and my lips are instantly moisturized in the morning!

₱ 168.00
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 out of 5 stars)

BeautyMNL Haul: Beach Born

Stay tuned for more of my recent BeautyMNL haul.
Have you tried Beach Born products?
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This is not a sponsored post. All contents and opinions stated above are entirely my own.
Beach Born Sea Salt Spray and Bam Balm are available in BeautyMNL and Beach Born website.