Mt. Maculot Experience + Day Hike Essentials

Mt. Maculot Rockies Summit

It would be a shame if we're working on a travel website, encouraging others to do the same while we're not traveling, right? So earlier this year, our company has decided to organize a team-building activity at least thrice or 4 times a year including a few out-of-town trips and activities. And last February, we were set to hike Mt. Maculot.

5 Things Most Bloggers Are Probably Tired of Hearing

Eleven months into the blogging industry and I could never be thankful enough for all the opportunities that has come my way in such a short span of time. I know I'm too far from being a famous blogger like the ones I've idolized since Tumblr days, but I've had my fair share of ups and downs based on my experience. And clearly, there are certain things that most bloggers and influencers could relate to.