The Happy List, Vol. 04

The first quarter of the year was quite a blur. Everything seemed to happen so fast that I couldn't even keep track of the things I signed up for. It was pretty tiring, yes. Of course there were some minor mishaps, but nonetheless, I'm still very thankful for all the blessings that are coming my way.

Prom Hangover

Guess who's not over her high school prom yet. I know it's been about 5 years or so, but I've always fancied the dresses worn by celebrities and fashion icons every now and then. I guess no matter how much of a laid back person I am, I still want to dress up and look nice from time to time. And probably the same reason why weddings and formal events excite me a lot!

Food-tography 101 at Caffe La Tea with my Fujifilm X-A2

Food Photography Workshop with my Fujifilm XA2

The auto feature of my camera was such a life-saver when I didn't have any idea how to tweak its settings. I tried. I even saved some cheat sheets on my phone (but never really studied them). During most events, I'd end up having overexposed photos, blurry shots or unbalanced color schemes, so eventually, I'd resort to putting it back on auto. But I realized it'd be such a total waste if I won't improve my skills, so upon seeing Ms. Joy's post about a food photography workshop, I immediately signed myself up. And besides, it was free so I literally had nothing to lose.

Mt. Maculot Experience + Day Hike Essentials

Mt. Maculot Rockies Summit

It would be a shame if we're working on a travel website, encouraging others to do the same while we're not traveling, right? So earlier this year, our company has decided to organize a team-building activity at least thrice or 4 times a year including a few out-of-town trips and activities. And last February, we were set to hike Mt. Maculot.