A Letter To My 25-Year-Old Self

March 31, 2016

I originally wrote this on a piece of paper. But then, I realized, would I even remember where I put this 5 years later? Somebody would probably stumble upon it, and damn, I don’t want anyone from my family to find out about this. So I pretty much trust you, guys. Lol. And to successfully remind myself about this on March 30, 2021, I sent a letter to my 25-year-old self through futureme.org.

So here it goes.

Dear Future Me, 

Hi there! What’s it like to be in your quarter life? I hope you’re having the best times, because right now, it’s quite messed up. But I’d like to believe that you’re a fighter and you’ll come out of this clutter soon enough.

A lot could happen in 5 years, you know. Things change. But by this time, I hope you’re pursuing the things that you love, no matter what that is. If you find yourself still unhappy, well, this is the sign that you have been waiting for. Fix what needs to be fixed. It’s never too late to start over. You’re still young, yet old enough to know better. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a more miserable adulthood and you’ve used up a lot of those excuses when you were younger, so now is the right time to go after what your heart truly desires.

According to the younger version of yourself, you have a lot of options inside your head. You might be on your third year in law school with Josh. Or probably having a blast with Project Ecrire. Or maybe your then-start-up blog got bigger. Or you’ve finally managed to start with that book cafĂ© you’ve been dreaming of. There could be changes along the way but as long as it makes you happy, go for it. You’re a dreamer. And don’t give up them. Ever.

You should probably be planning your marriage by now. I know how you wanted to start a family while you’re young so it won’t be that hard for you to keep up with the future kids. Also, your 20-year-old self thinks Josh is the one. Yep, this might be a little mushy while writing… and brave, I guess. And that’s a good thing. Out of all the temporaries in this world, I’m glad you have him as your constant and that you believe in your relationship [enough to include him in this letter which you'll receive 5 years later haha!]. You really are lucky to have him by your side during the past years so you better keep him for good.

If at 25 and you’ve got it all together, then good for you! Way to go, girl! Too bad your pessimist 20-year-old-self thinks otherwise. So if it’s not, it’s alright, don’t lose hope.

I hope you’re able to love more. It’s one of the best feelings and I really think it’s one of the things you’re good at. So, stop worrying all the time. It’s unhealthy! Go get that heart checked. Eat healthy. Do some exercise. I really pray that you’re doing well, self. I hope you’ve reached the peaks of Mt. Pulag and Mt. Ulap and Mt. Kiltipan by then. I hope you’ve visited a lot of places already. I hope you’ve ticked a lot of the items off your bucket list.

Stop living in hatred and in anger. Learn how to forgive yourself. And others as well.

You’re all grown-up now. Five years ago, you believed in yourself and here you are now. Go make your 20-year-old and 30-year-old self proud of you! Have a good life!

Sending you hugs just in case you might need them,

Your 20-Year-Old Self ♥

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