First Attempt at Modern Calligraphy

March 10, 2016

Last year, when I was on break after college graduation, I was mostly at home which obviously resulted to a LOT of free time. And so I thought… Why not make something out of it? Maybe I could learn something new like, uhm, sports? Meh, I’m not really into it, so maybe I could enroll in other fitness-related stuff like yoga or kick boxing or muay thai. Ugh. But our house is nowhere near any gym. Perhaps music? Well, okay, we do have a few instruments unused and I do love music. I also like arts, but not the drawing field. My writing could pass, so maybe calligraphy? It’s all over my newsfeed lately and I find it really pretty and cute and quite fancy. Plus, I’d have a new skill set/hobby to add to my resume/bragging rights. Haha!

And so, I taught myself the basics of ukulele, piano, and also made some song covers with them. But what I enjoyed most was doing modern calligraphy. I find it therapeutic. (Yup, sometimes I'm VERY ill-tempered and I realized that writing REALLY calms me down)

I first started doing faux calligraphy (a method which requires a regular pen or marker where you’d initially write with normal strokes then thicken some lines to produce the desired calligraphy effect) since I had no legit tools and materials yet.

Faux Calligraphy, first attempt. Poindexter on coffee-dipped paper. 

I personally think it's pretty good for a first-timer! What do you think?

Whenever I have free time (and motivation to be productive), I try to practice with different styles. Then experimented with watercolors and paints I find at home.

From then on, I started investing on calligraphy materials such as brushes, dip pens, nibs and inks. (Shout out to my ever-supportive boyfriend who sponsored some items. Hehe. Thanks!)

The variety of supplies meant more options for style, color and design.

So far, I've been working on different font styles and digitizing them as well. Trivia: I did my blog header. And Blanche’s. You can message me if you want one, too! ;-) I am also looking through different workshops to improve my skill on using watercolors as backgrounds and borders.

If things turn out good, I’m planning to have my own line of designs for invitations, cards, decals and a lot moooore! I decided to call this: Project Écrire. Ahhh, the dreams I have. Haha! I’m just too excited to share my future projects with you, guys. You could also check out my Instagram account for more updates and samples.

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