On Caring Too Much

March 20, 2016

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT ABOUT JOSH. Definitely not about an ex. Totally not romantic-related no matter how much this leads you to that thinking. It’s just not. And I just want to let this out without any judgement and/or conclusion.

So here it goes…

You know, sometimes, it’s nice to feel needed or appreciated, too.

Text me first. Or have the courtesy to at least text back. A simple thank you when I offer help. Or just ask how I am doing. Does the rule “flowers and dinner first” not apply to you?

I mean, I’m not even asking for anything grand. But it’s just that there are times when I need your attention and affirmation, too. It sucks to feel disregarded, especially by people whom you thought would give importance to you.

But nope. You disappear. Then you come right back when you need something from me. It’s an endless cycle. And I know that I should not invest time on people who doesn’t seem to give a damn about my efforts and all. But I care too much, and that’s my thing.

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