The Sunday Currently, Vol. 01

March 7, 2016

Reading Maine’s & Blanche’s blogs and a few others for inspiration. I’m still working my way through possible contents of my page so I’m getting some other ideas as well.

Writing on my BDJ planner and reviewing the upcoming events, or lack thereof. Lol, it’s quite empty though. Holy Week is fast-approaching and I’ve got no plans yet.

Listening to the sound of birds outside my window. #ProbinsyaHits

Thinking about what to write for my blog. Would someone really bother reading what I write? How do I make this interesting? Is there anyone out there? Helloooooooo-

Smelling the vanilla-scented perfume from Josh. Since his last visit, there's still this faint smell from the sheets and blankets he used.

Wishing someone would invent teleportation already. My separation anxiety is getting worse.

Hoping for very productive weeks ahead. I started doing more calligraphy projects this weekend. Maybe I'll blog about them soon.

Wearing my all-time favorite Star Wars Storm Trooper shirt (because it's the only couple item that we have... as of the moment)! And shorts.

Loving Josh’s laptop (because mine’s too slooooooow and crappy and ughhh I just can’t). Thankfully, my boyfriend willingly lent me his laptop so that I could start with my blog already. Finally, I could edit photos on a very much faster pace.

Wanting a weekend getaway to Baguio or Pangasinan.

Needing a motivation to create more calligraphy outputs. It’s been weeks since I had one. I should probably try new things, experiment more and be consistent with practicing. Note to self: never stop learning.

Feeling excited about the outcome of this blog project! So far, I’ve kept myself busy by tweaking a few things, browsing through other blogs and writing drafts for the next entries.

Clicking through different tips for WordPress beginners. And now, Blogger. I can’t catch up with codes anymore! Ugh. But I’d like to thank the late Friendster for teaching me some basic html coding and stuff. This reminds me of those testimonials I used to ask from my friends, with all the colored fonts in different styles plus the marquee thingy so that the text would move sideways. Ah, good ol' Friendster days. Did you do that, too? Haha! But I seriously need to learn more though.

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