The Sunday Currently, Vol. 02

April 3, 2016

Reading The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho. I like how this TSC managed to get me back to reading. Not that I’m pressured so that I could write something relevant on this part. But yeah, it kinda did. Which is a good thing! Since college, I barely touched books except from those assigned readings. And it’s nice to get back on track.

Writing down my financial plans for this year because so far, I’m still up to no good. So I guess it would be better if I keep track on all my savings and expenses so that I have something to remind me where I’m at… financially.

Listening to Mayday Parade.

Thinking about visiting the gym. Or just having the motivation to jog at least once a week. Ughh, why does all the fat pile up on my tummy? Why can’t it distribute itself evenly? Why why why.

Smelling the Muzu hand cream I got from Watson’s last week. It has this argan oil scent, which kinda gives off a relaxing vibe. I feel like I’m in a spa or something. Haha! And it sure won’t hurt to keep my hands soft and moisturized from time to time.

Wishing I had enough money to buy that Fujifilm XA2 already! I badly need a decent camera for this blog. And for my future travels and whatnot. Or I wish it’d just magically appear in front of me when I wake up. :-P

Hoping that our tentative plan to go to Sagada by the first week of May would push thru. I’ve been looking forward to these kinds of trips and I badly need one. Work is just stressing me out, so I think this is great to keep me sane, tbh.

Wearing typical pambahay attire. Blue oreo shirt and black shorts to be specific.

Loving my new blog because I can finally call it my own! ♥

Wanting an entire plate of California maki. Ughh PMS, is that you again? 

Needing an interaction with other people. I haven’t even seen my friends in months! This work-bahay scheme is very... depressing. It’s not like I don’t want to interact with other people. I really do. But certain circumstances wouldn’t allow me to do so. :-( I need to change that.

Feeling a little drained. I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that I sleep A LOT lately. And that’s strange because I usually have problems with sleeping.

Clicking through some folder’s in Josh’s laptop. Browsing old photos and files. Reminiscing, mostly. 

It’s my parents’ anniversary today so we had a little family gathering by the backyard. Also did some grocery shopping. So, yay! But aside from that, it’s just another typical weekend, mostly comprised of eating, sleeping and binge-watching Friends and How To Get Away With Murder.

How was your weekend? :-)

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