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April 8, 2016

Now if you think I’m that classy socialite, we better make it clear this early that I AM NOT. This ain’t your regular fab & glam fashion blog.

As a college girl in Baguio, I was very much exposed to the idea of thrift shops aka ukay-ukay. I actually consider myself a regular customer of the famous Baguio Night Market, Skyworld and Bayanihan ukay shops. Whenever I need an outfit for an event [given that I, of course, only have the budget of a student back then], I usually go to thrift shops first before malls, you know, just to make sure I don't spend thousands on something I could buy for less than a hundred.

To be honest, I find it very fulfilling to haul a bunch of branded goods at a VERY CHEAP PRICE!!! I mean, the amount of money I spend on 4 items in a thrift shop would not even be enough to buy a single piece of a brand new item from the retail outlets.

And here are a few steals I got over the past years of being a self-proclaimed expert on this field… which I’m very proud of, by the way. Haha!

Denim shorts, Cotton On – 60php

This one’s actually my favorite. You could never go wrong with denim, I tell ya.

Maroon slit dress, Asos – 80php

Navy blue elbow-patched blazer, Zara – 120php
 Details of Zara blazer

It even came with its complete set of extra buttons!

Blue shorts, Pull & Bear 60php

Sleeveless boho top – 50php

Another favorite pick! Just in time for summer.

Details of boho top

Superstar, Adidas 380php

This was originally priced at 600 and Dad was the one who haggled it down to 380. Negotiable items, check! Thrift shops – 1, malls – 0.

Those are some pretty good deals, right? Even up to now, things haven’t changed a bit. There are actually two stores near our office, which is like 2 blocks away, so I frequently visit them to find another good steal or two every now and then.

It surely says guilt-free whenever I buy from these thrift shops. And it never hurts to wear second-hand items sometimes (just be sure to wash them well first, of course). After all, it’s about how one carries the outfit anyway.

Have you tried thrift shopping before?


  1. GRABE I MISS BAGUIO! I remember spending half of my allowance on Ukay-Ukay's and I still get to eat tapos may wardrobe revamp pa ako!

    1. YESSSS ME TOO! Even my relatives would ask me to hoard stuff for them because they were priced for like, 10php!! Haha.

  2. Great finds! I especially like the ASOS dress, the boho chic top, and the Adidas! Totally agree on the perks of thrift shopping. I prefer their prices more than those of malls. Definitely hate spending so much money on unreasonably high-priced items. Hahaha!

    ♡ Lois |

    1. Thank you, Lois! Yes, thrift shops are always a good idea. If you just have the patience to look thoroughly, you'd definitely score a good piece! Haha.

  3. Thrift shops are better than the ones at malls! Good you have found cute things from UK :)

    Kai // Kitty Journal (

    1. Yes, they truly are! Plus, you get to buy more because they're waaaaay cheaper. Haha. I guess I'm pretty lucky I scored some of those items. Hehe


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