Small Pledges to Help Save the Environment

June 15, 2016

My love for the environment is probably one of the best qualities I'm proud of. Hello, WWF family! I hope you're proud of me, too.*u* I don't know how, but it somehow became an innate sense for me to take good care of our only Home and I hope a lot of other people feel the same way. After all, they're still checking up on Mars so I guess we'll have to work with what we have now and do our part in taking care of it.

Kidding aside, Earth has been home to us for more than 847389284 bajillion years now. It has been keeping us alive, sheltering us and providing us with all the different resources we could have. Have I mentioned how beautiful She is? I know we've all witnessed a few of its wonders. And I think this Home deserves a little more care and love from its inhabitants.

So here are a few little practices on how to be an Earth Warrior that you could practice at home or at work or wherever you might be. :-)

1. Segregate.
I mean, come on, how hard can that be? You're not just helping out the environment but you're giving the garbage collector one less task to do. And if it's not yet implemented in your area, why not take the initiative? Stop making excuses and start today. There's no harm in doing so anyway.

2. Bring your own tumbler.
With this heat, it is important to always stay hydrated so what's better than having one in your bag, right?
Refrain from buying bottled drinks every time you go out for a lunch break. Instead, maximize that free water or coffee in your office. You get to save some extra money as well! ;-)

3. Make everyday a straw-less day.
Some fastfood chains have already been implementing straw-less Fridays, but why not make it an everyday pledge on your own?
If it's a restaurant you trust in terms of sanitation and hygiene, or if they're sterilizing their utensils to begin with, then there's no need to use those evil plastic straws! Most especially if they're giving it on paper/plastic cups already, because basically that's just making it worse!!!
Same goes with stainless steel utensils over plastics, of course.

4. Say NO to [extra] plastic.
Having some grocery shopping? If it's not that needed, do not ask for an extra plastic bag. Better yet, bring your own (eco) bag in the supermarket, which is actually sturdier and a lot more convenient to carry around.
Also, for convenience store purchases... do you really need to put that sandwich in a plastic bag (which you'd just probably throw anyway) when you're just a few steps away from your office?
Take the extra step by refusing to put your every purchase in a plastic. I'm sure you could carry them with your own bare hands back to your desk and be alright.

5. Hand-dryer? Shake it off.
This was a tip from my Botany professor back when I was a Biology major: "After washing your hands in a comfort room, 'wag ka nang mag-tissue o hand-dryer (don't use tissues or hand-dryer anymore) because it's just a waste and it's bad for the environment." Instead, she advised us to just shake off the excess damp or use it to fix our hair or something.

I'm not good at Math, let alone statistics, so I can't provide you with numbers and percentages of how much these little actions contribute to the preservation of our Home. You all might probably think, "Nah, what'd be the difference if I wouldn't participate? It's not like that would make a change."

 But that is actually the whole point. It begins with you.

One less plastic could also mean a million less plastic if a million other people were practicing it. And it is our job to do our part and encourage the people around us to do the same. Yes, I know, I know. You've probably heard all these before but, hey, I'm just doing my job by sharing a fewof my simple practices that you could do, too!

So start little. As cliche as it may sound, it will go a long way.

And if you have any other environmental tips for everyday life, feel free to comment them below! I'd love to hear them out. ;-)


  1. I love the tips! Even small actions like these can make a difference to the environment. :)

    1. Hi, Melai. Thank you! I'm glad you find these tips helpful. :-) And yes, even the littlest things can help make a change! :-)

  2. I always bring a water tumbler with me. Plus, whenever I have to buy drinks, I make sure to bring the empty bottles so I can still use it :) Little efforts can make a big impact for the environment.

    Wannderzel by Hazel

    1. That's good to hear, Hazel! Yup, that's true. And thank you for doing your part. ;-) *high five*

  3. It's good to know that you're doing your part for the environment. I rarely meet people who care about the future of our natural resources. Thanks for posting this! :)

    1. It makes me sad that fewer people give importance to it. But there's hope. :) Thank you, Sheena.

  4. This is just lovely! I'm putting these on my list. :)

    1. Hi, Melissa! Thank you. Glad I'm able to share these to a few people around. :)


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