Experience #OneWashWonder With Olay Skin Whitening Bar

July 10, 2016

Experience #OneWashWonder with Olay Skin Whitening Bar

I've never been too particular with beauty products when I was growing up, let alone skin care. Whatever my mom puts on that soap dish, I'd use it without question. I thought "they're all soaps anyway, and I bet they all do the same job  to get rid of dust and dirt from my skin"... until I began experiencing some skin problems myself. "Ughh, this makes my skin dry," or "this one's too sticky" and all that. At last, I gave in to the call of my skin. Of course, it's a trial and error method, but after all the brands I've tried, I finally found the perfect soap that suits my skin type. 

The unexpected package from Viviamo! and Olay Philippines came in the mail last week, and I was more than excited to try one of their latest products! The Olay Skin Whitening Bar With Rose and Milk has been recently launched, along with two other variants  Papaya and Vitamin C.

One Wash Wonder package contents

Another whitening soap? I'm sure we've all heard of different horror stories about failed attempts to whiten their skin and all other effects such as skin irritation, peeling, intense dryness, stinging sensation, etc. But this body bar is dermatologically and clinically tested to be gentle on skin with naturally-derived ingredients like rose, pearl and milk extracts.

So if you're not a huge fan of whitening products (like me), there's nothing to worry about because Olay promises nothing more but to reveal your natural skin, exfoliate and wash away dead skin cells, and even your skin tone to make it look clean and clear. Nothing harsh. No empty promises.

Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk (1 of 3)

Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk (2 of 3)

First impressions (after using Olay Skin Whitening Bar for a week):
  • Totally love the rosy milk scent which I immediately noticed as I opened the packaging (I swear it's hard to stop sniffing it)
  • The lather also leaves a sweet yet subtle scent on the skin after bathing
  • My normally-dry skin feels soft and moisturized even without applying lotion
  • Doesn't leave an icky feeling even when exposed to Manila heat 
  • Doesn't melt easily compared to other leading whitening soaps
  • It's really gentle on the skin, not a single sting
Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk (3 of 3)

Verdict: I will definitely stick with this soap. We, Filipinas, are known for our naturally-morena complexion and I love how Olay doesn't seem to go overboard when it comes to this, because technically, it simply enhances your natural skin. Definitely a "whitening" game changer. And I highly recommend to try this yourself for a #onewashwonder experience!

Olay Skin Whitening bar with Rose & Milk

Olay Skin Whitening Bar is available in supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. It comes in 60g (PhP 34) and 90g (PhP 46) bars.

This is a sponsored post by ilovebdj.com and Olay Philippines. However, all photos, contents and opinions are solely my own and not, in any way, influenced by the sponsors. GIF created by gifcreator.me.

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  1. I'm an Olay day/night cream user since college. I never know that they have soap na rin. I'll try this especially my skin is so dry due to summer. :)

    1. You definitely must try this one, Bea. I heard this soap contains 90% of the active ingredients found in their natural white day cream, so it'll be like a complete package for your facial + skin care! Haha. ;-)

  2. Rose is one of my favorite scents! I hope I find this and try it out. :)

    -Jannette | The Diary of a Daydreamer

    1. Hi, Jannette! The scent is reaaaaally good. <3 It's available in supermarkets naman, and I think they're doing a 2+1 promo, so yay!

  3. I can say that Olay is really gentle. When BDJ sent me an Olay body wash before, I was soo addicted to it that I wouldn't use a regular bar soap anymore. It makes the skin really soft. I haven't repurchased yet coz I just use the regular Safeguard soap now para sa aming lahat sa bahay. Hehe.

    1. Same here! Because it reaaaally smells SO GOOD, I keep using it twice whenever I'm taking a bath. No regrets, though. Lol. Make sure you try this one out once you've finished that safeguard, Rea. Haha!

  4. How much is this? Is it really effective in whitening? Haha. I don't have fair skin kasi and I have visible areas sa body na darker than the other areas. I'm really desperate looking for products na pwede without hurting my pocket. LOL

    xx, Wandering Ella

    1. The 60g bar is for PhP 34 and the 90g for 46. I think they're still having the buy 1 take 1 promo. Hehe. So far, the effects are good. Not really an instant white skin, but I think their promise to even out the skin tone is true. Plus, the scent and the moisturized feeling make it worth it. It's worth a try, ate Ella. ;-)

  5. Is there any free samples on O'lay

    1. Hi! I'm sorry, I don't know any existing giveaways from Olay and/or Viviamo. But they're available on supermarkets though. :-)


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