Pawtography PH: Pup-stars in the Making

September 5, 2016

Pawtography PH 1 of 5Think of the time when your dog ruined your favorite pair of slippers because he decided to make it his new chew toy. Or when you had to redo your entire project because he peed all over it (well, my bad for leaving it on the floor). Or when he annoyingly licks your face at 6 in the morning to wake you up. Try to remember that one time when you almost snapped... but when you looked at him, YOU JUST. COULDN'T. RESIST. THOSE. PUPPY. DOG. EYES.

Dogs are probably one of the cutest and most adorable creatures ever! You might wanna put your paws up if you agree. Even the simplest and littlest things they do make them that much cuter and soooooooo irresistible! And given the chance, I know we'd all want to capture those best moments of our furry friends. Unfortunately, our pets aren't the best subjects who would pose on cue for the camera. Good thing there are pet photographers out there who mastered this craft with a few dog treats in their camera bags.

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Yza Tolentino, an average 21-year-old millennial from the Metro, has passion for both pets and photography. A few months ago, she decided to put these two together through her passion project called Pawtography PH.

Pawtography PH captures good memories by offering high-quality photographs of your pets just as they areplayful and perky. May it be in their dog house, or while playing catch in the backyard or maybe strolling around at a nearby park, Pawtography PH ensures to reflect the unique personality of your pet in every shot. 

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Wanna make yours a pup-star, too? Here's a list of photography packages they offer:

Pet Party Pawtography - PhP 2,500.00
Event coverage for pet events and parties, such as barkdays, adoption anniversaries and purr-ties of all sorts

Pet Pawto Shoot - PhP 1,000.00
Soft copies of 20 pet photographs with over 50 shots to choose from

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And since Pawtography PH is feeling a little extra generous, they’re giving out a free photography session to two lucky humans and his/her pet! Just visit Pawtography PH's Facebook and Instagram account for more details on how to join their online contest.

Pawtography PH online contest

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Pawtography PH
0915 626 5737

What are your dog's most annoying yet undeniably cute habits?
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  1. OMG! These dogs look so cute! I agree that dogs are simply hard to capture for photos because they're too playful. I might consider contacting Pawtography if I ever arrange a dog party. Thanks for the recommendation, Da!

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. Yup, they really are! Hihi. You're welcome, Melissa. And oh, don't forget to join their ongoing online contest. You might bag that free photo shoot for your pet. ;-)

  2. AHHH. I myself is a dog owner and sometimes I have a hard time capturing the right angle of my dog. I'm totally joining the contest. It's a good thing that there are services like this. <3

    The dog lover in me is screaming in happiness lol

    1. Yaaaay! Crossing my fingers for your entry, Jean!! :D Thank you for participating and good luck! <3


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