To The Girl Who Ran Away

October 24, 2016


I know how you’ve been carrying that burden for a long time now. I saw how it messed you up real bad, and how it changed you into this self-loathing person, trying to push everyone away.  You’re probably tired from crying every night while trying to mask the pain because you aren’t ready to confront them just yet, scared that others might not understand what you’ve been going through. But you’re human, too. You can’t bear them all by yourself. And it's okay.

It’s alright to freak out. It’s okay to be disoriented for a little while. Pursuing the desires of your heart is one thing, but winning everyone else’s approval is a totally different story.

For once, you didn’t think of anybody else. What they might think... or say... or do. You just packed your bags and left, dropping every question arising in your head. And I’m proud of that. For so long, you’ve been clouded with all these what ifs and could have beens, and I’m glad you found your answers to that. You’re not the girl who’s afraid to risk anymore. You’ve conquered a whole new level of facing your fears.You took that moment to think of no one else but yourself– someone you’ve been neglecting all this time.

But when you’re tired of running, come home.

You are brave. I know you’re a lot stronger now more than ever. Go chase your dreams. And remember to always have courage, and be kind.


Saw this on my notes, written last August of 2016. And yes, a lot has happened since then, and I'll forever be thankful for getting through those toughest times.

Cheers to my 21-year-old self, striving to be a better person day-by-day. Happy birthday! ❤️

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