3 Tips & Tricks on How to Save Money While Spending

November 28, 2016

Online-Shopping TipsContrary to the popular notion that online-shopping isn't a wise option, let me tell you that you've got it all wrong.

I used to be one of you... hesitant to purchase things online because of confidentiality issues, doubts about the quality, spending for the shipping fee and so on. But in reality, I realized it's just about getting familiar with the process, transacting with trusted online-shopping sites and you're good to go.

It's waaaaaay more convenient than shopping in malls, really (and I cannot over-emphasize that enough). You can avoid getting stuck in traffic during weekend sales, or those loooong lines at the counter. Online shops also offer more varieties, thus, allowing you to compare prices between different brands, which others don't even offer in retail stores! Payments and deliveries are less of a hassle, too, since a lot of them offer free shipments and COD (cash on delivery) services.

But aside from its advantages, you could do a lot more to minimize your spending this holiday season. I know some of you have been itching to do their Christmas shopping online, so here are a few of the practices I picked up to keep my expenses intact despite falling for their marketing strategies (over and over again).

1. Stay updated with social media

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Subscribe to e-mail alerts and/or follow accounts of your favorite online shopping sites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More often than not, they're announcing sales and on-going promos almost every day, so make sure you're always notified for these alerts! Keep an eye on flash and midnight sales to score bigger discounts than usual.

2. Take advantage of discount coupons

I'm sure you've come across discount codes on social media like this one from Zalora:
Zalora discount code
And yes I'm kinda plugging my code. You can paste this (ZBAP22B0) upon checkout to get 15% off your first purchase from their site. (Another hack: you can create a new account to use it again. 😉)

Bloggers and other social media influencers are also given special promo codes by certain brands, so make sure to take note just in case you might them for your next online-shopping spree. You could also check out iVoucher Codes for a list of discount codes available at online stores in the Philippines.

3. Earn cashback

The next best thing about online shopping aside from discount coupons? You can actually earn your cash back! And that's on top of all the other discount codes you've already used! A few months ago, I was introduced to ShopBack PH.

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Shopback is a rebate site which lets you save money while you're spending. So every time you add something onto that shopping cart, the more cashback you get from them and their merchant partners. All you need to do is sign up, and voila! You instantly get a 100-peso cashback on your account! You can now start browsing through Althea Korea, Sephora, and Lazada among all other merchant stores in partnership with Shopback.

And that's about it! Christmas season is all about giving. So put that guilt aside and be a smart-shopper! I hope you guys picked up a thing or two from this. And nope, not a sponsored post.

Do you have other tips & tricks when shopping online? 
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