The Sunday Currently, Vol. 04

November 3, 2016

It's been months since I last wrote an installment for this blog series and I feel like it's about time to update you about my life in this format (as if I don't update you enough through my social media accounts + personal posts lately). Also, I usually disregard technology (or the internet, at the very least) during weekends since I've had too much of it at work already. Same reason why this is a special edition of the Not-So-Sunday Currently. Haha lol. Anywaaaay, here we go.

Reading articles about effective digital marketing. Yes, for work. I definitely should get back to reading actual books. Do you have any suggestions? 😊

Writing ?!? I really don't get this part because I'm obviously writing/typing this post, so I'll try to give a different answer for this one. Currently writing another article for work.

Listening to #VoiceKnockouts. This is actually the only season of the The Voice US that I've been religiously watching. So right now, I'm catching up on the latest episodes. I'm all for #TeamAlicia! Have you got any bets for this season?

Thinking if I should get a new hair color? My current hair peg is this silver/grey balayage, but I'm not sure if I could pull it off and/or I could afford it. Haha!


Smelling the sweet flowery scent of the fab con used on my clothes.

Wishing I could stay forevs in Baguio. It definitely feels like home to me even if you remove Jo out of the picture, idk why.

Hoping for more blogging events/project opportunities because I'll be skipping the Blogapalooza 2.0 and Ally's All-Day's grand opening this Saturday. 

Wearing the sweater I got from my HK Cotton On haul, blue jeans and black pair of Chucks.

Loving my new cameraaaaas! Will definitely improve my blogging game because of these. 💖 Remember how I used to include this on the wants/needs section of my TSC? I'm slowly making things happen for myself so yaaaay!

Wanting a new laptop because mine is showing some signs of giving up. Although I think it isn't really necessary right now since I barely have the time to catch up with new episodes of the TV series I'm watching. Just a "want", not yet a "need", so yep.

Needing a getaway! This day job sure gives some serious wanderlust. But because of the busy schedule (and the lack of budget), looks like I have to push this plan farther.

Feeling excited about our weekend trip to Baguio!! Plus points because I get to see Jo on his birthday!

Clicking through various blog posts I've missed thru bloglovin. Do we follow each other yet?

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