How To Really Know Someone, Vol. 03

December 13, 2016

Here's another episode of me oversharing a little bit more about myself. How To Really Know Someone questions tag was an idea initially created in Tumblr, and is an on-going series in the blogging industry. Corinth is one of the first few who started this out. Basically, there's this set of questions (that are really interesting, btw), and all you have to do is answer them part by part.

14. Have you seen a person, an animal, or something else die? How did you feel about it?
I'm lucky enough to not witness someone dying. The feeble me certainly can't handle those situations. Being attached to a character in a movie is hard enough, it messes up my emotions already, how much more if it's actually happening in real life? I'll probably be so messed up and I hope it won't happen anytime soon.

15. What is the most drastic thing you've done?
Drastic (adj.) likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect. So, I guess the most life-changing thing I've done in my entire life was when I decided to run away and isolated myself for almost a month. It wasn't exactly drastic in a way that I've made the situation worse. The aftermath turned out to be good and I'm pretty sure I came out of it stronger. 🌻

16. What are your favorite movies?
I will never get tired of watching the Harry Potter Series over and over again. A few other movies on my list are: 50 First Dates, Crazy Stupid Love, 500 Days of Summer, Star Wars, Before Sunrise and a loooot of superhero movies from Marvel and DC.

17. What is your favorite body part?
Weird question, but hmm... my hands? I think it's the most essential because as a creative (whaaaat?? haha), it's what I use to write, draw, paint, play music... basically everything that I love doing.

18. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don't like and like so many things we don't do?
Again, because life is short to overthink all the time. Life, in my opinion, is more of a trial and error method. There's no absolute perfection or a specific formula to get through it. We all have to figure it on our own, and learning from our own mistakes make up who we are as a person.

19. How important is music in your life?

I cannot emphasize how thankful I am to all the artists, composers, and producers who continuously create music. This got me through those sleepless night while revising our thesis, those heartbreaks (even if it actually adds salt to the wound haha lol), even through the best days of my life, music has always been a part of it. 🎶

You could check out the series of questions here and maybe you could answer them yourself and join the questions tag!

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