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December 16, 2016

Prima Sassy Belle 1 of 2Skincare and all other beauty regimen used to be on my least priority. I thought it wouldn't matter anyway since I'm too young to have all those treatments and creams and ointments. Plus, my skin looks okay to me... for now. But as I hop from one beauty blog to another, I realized the importance of taking care of one's skin rather than regretting it later on. How I take care of my body today would reflect on my future self, too, and I bet my future self wouldn't be so happy if I neglect it now. So thanks to all my beauty inspos for encouraging me to do the same!

About a month ago, I started hoarding various skincare products from different brands. I initially opted for the ones that are highly recommended by other bloggers, since they trust the brand and have proven its effects already. But my doors would always be open to try new stuff, especially if it's a Filipino brand. (Yes, always support local!!!)

Just recently, I was introduced to Prima Sassy Belle, a local brand that focuses on beauty, health and wellness products which ranges from slimming coffees, healthy beverages, whitening skin care products, cosmetics and fragrances. They were generous enough to let me try three products of my choice: Luminance Toner, Radiance White Lotion and Lewd Licorice Perfume.

Toner, Lotion and Perfume from Prima Sassy Belle

Luminance Facial Toner

I was excited to try this out since I'm still experimenting on different toners that would work well with my combination skin type. Prima's facial toner claims to be an anti-aging formula and promises to whiten skin in 7 days. And I must say, for a whitening toner, this one doesn't sting a bit, and that's pretty impressive!

This toner works well with removing excess dirt on my face that aren't removed by my facial cleanser. I love how my skin feels refreshed and hydrated after application, and I didn't feel the need to put on some moisturizer. The whitening effect isn't too visible, although I don't have anything against that since I don't aim to make my face any whiter than it already is.

Radiance White Hand & Body Cream

My hands get literally dry (to the point that it's kinda flaking out), especially during this season. So, this hand & body cream arrived just in time! Prima's Radiance White Hand & Body Cream comes in a 120 ml tube which contains Kojic, Gluta and SPF 50 (plus points for the SPF!).

I was used to the argan oil scent of my previous hand cream, and this one's pretty bland and reminds me of another scent (an ointment, I think). Perhaps they could work on improving its scent. But if you're not too keen about that, this product would be just fine. Overall, it worked well in moisturizing my hands.

As for a body cream, I am really particular about quick-dry lotions. It's either that or none at all because I don't want all the Manila dirt sticking on my skin, lol. So I prefer to use this product on my arms and legs during night time instead in order to achieve its full effect.

Lewd Licorice Fragrance

I know this isn't skincare-related but this perfume got me at "inspired by Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste". And I knew I had to try it for myself!!

A few years back, I remember using this perfume which was my dad's pasalubong when he was still working abroad. I'm the type of person who's thrifty enough not to spend my own money for luxurious things like this, so I never refilled them anyway. But for this cheaper dupe, yes please!

The Lewd Licorice Perfume has 25% oil concentration which makes the scent last for about 5 to 8 hours. Prima was also kind enough to send samples of the rest of their fragrance collection. But this one's easily my favorite!

Prima Sassy Belle 2 of 2

Overall verdict:
Prima Sassy Belle's packaging is the real deal! It immediately impressed me upon receiving the package, which makes it a perfect gift idea for the holiday season as well. They look really elegant, which goes with their type of branding. The size and amount of the products are good for beauty junkies/hoarders, and somehow justifies the price, too. They have a wide array of products to choose from that are definitely suited to every Filipina's needs. So if you're looking for an alternative that's available locally, Prima Sassy Belle is definitely worth the shot!

Prima Sassy Belle
Unit 24 Park and Shop Bldg.,
Dr. A. Santos Ave., cor. Santa Rita St.,
Sucat Road, Paranaque City 1700

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Prima Sassy Belle. Products mentioned above were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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