'Skinny' Is Not A Compliment

January 22, 2017

"Ang payat mo! Nagdu-drugs ka ba?" (You're so skinny! Are you on drugs?) "Kumain ka nang kumain para magkalaman ka naman!" (Eat lots of food so you'd gain some weight.) "Kumakain ka man lang ba??" (Are you even eating??)

Those are few among all the other speculations on why my weight fluctuated over the last 3 years. Yes, I get that. A LOT. And to be very honest, I'm getting tired of all these unnecessary comments. I know they don't mean to be offensive (or do they?), but when you have to deal with the same remarks almost every day, it kinda does offend me.

I was a little "fat" during my freshman-junior year. Well, at least according to their standards anyway. Whenever I come home, my family would usually comment on how much weight I gained ever since I left for Baguio.They kept on telling me that I should lose some weight, maybe do some exercise, or cut off some food from my diet. Unintentionally, I did lose weight... drastically. But this time, they kept on telling me that I would "look better" if I gained some.

To be honest, my last year in college was a bit too much for me. I was a graduating student, pressured to finish our bachelor's thesis during the last 2 months of the semester, while juggling org works and other commitments. At the time, I had my personal problems, too. Which went on for a year after graduation. So mostly, stress was a huge factor in my weight-loss. Up until now, I'm still trying to regain my weight so that people would stop bugging me about it. There were times when I even force myself to eat more than my stomach could handle just so people wouldn't think that I starve myself to be this skinny.

No I don't. I enjoy eating food. I was fine with how my body was before. And I'm fine with it now. 

For a girl who's standing 5 feet tall, my weight is actually normal. I've checked my BMI quite a few times already (and consulted a nutritionist) so yes, I know what I am talking about. 

You may think I'm just a skinny b*tch whining and complaining about how easy it is for me because of this body type. Again, no, it isn't easy. And f*ck what society considers "normal". Size 0 isn't always available. No matter how much we love those skinny jeans or that body-con dress, it would always look a little loose on us. We get rude comments about our weight (which we don't really need because we're obviously aware of it). It sucks that we aren't fit to what is "acceptable", yet we also have to tiptoe around a person who's overweight so as not to hurt their feelings. But guess what? We have feelings, too.

This is not to shame anyone's body type. This is a call to appreciate our own body without having to put others down. Whether you're a size 0 or a size 12, own it.

So if you're concerned about my health, thank you. Don't worry because I am perfectly fine. I eat healthy and I am a healthy being, I don't easily get sick, I don't do drugs, and I don't have an eating disorder. But if you're just too nosy or insecure or whatever because I'm too skinny for you, just keep it to yourself because I don't need any of it. We don't need any of it.

And no, I don't want your attention. I just want you to leave me be. And in fact, I think it's plainly inappropriate to criticize anybody for their weight, so stop labeling people as "too skinny" or "too fat" because body shamingin all formsis still body shaming.


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