The Happy List, Vol. 03 & A Few Other Realizations This 2016

January 3, 2017

2016 has been an unending roller coaster of emotions. Well, for me, at least (and probably to hundreds of other people who consider that year– sorryforthelackofabetterterm– a sh*tfest). I don't find the need to remind you how almost everything in the world seemed to f*ck up this year. There were a lot of sad, heartbreaking moments where I lost my faith in humanity, in the people around me, and most especially, in myself.

But of course, being the strong-independent-confidently-beautiful-woman-with-a-heart that I am, and through the support system that I have, I managed to bounce back. Fall seven times, stand up eight. 💕

During the worst days of my life, I was filled with so much hatred. I started pushing people away. I was angry, jealous, hopeless, miserable. I dug my own pit deep enough that I can't even get myself out of it anymore. That's how sadness drowned me away and ate me alive. But when I got out, I tried to change my outlook in life. I started to become more outgoing (again), tried to become more positive, stopped hating, and focused on other things instead.

From there, I began attracting more good things into my life. And here are a few of them:

  • My day job isn't too demanding. I enjoy work while still having some spare time for my passion projects.
  • I started receiving more writing opportunities. So, thank you to those brands/companies who reached out despite the not-so-promising stats of this 8-month-old blog. Somehow, I felt validated in what I do, and that motivated me to be a better writer/social media influencer.
  • After Ecrire's big break at Ally's All-Day, I was featured in When In Manila together with a few other millennials (whom I also know personally, btw)! 

  • I was struggling to balance everything around. Initially, I was planning to release some outputs before the year ends, but because of my other project(s), I had to put that on hold. So, for the mean time, all I did was practice, practice and practice. I don't know why but luck or whatever that is seemed to be around me that time... I won a free art workshop with Googly Gooeys, courtesy of Globe Telecom.
Miss Tippy of Googly Gooeys

(L-R, clockwise) Mars, Kyal, Dominique, Salma, Mhyzelle and me

 Art exchange with Mars

  • And another one from Filed, wherein I won a Keepsake planner. Yaaaayy!! Excited to start bullet journaling again!

10 places I can't wait to see; my entry for #FILEDGoldenList

Keepsake Planner

  • The other thing that's keeping me busy: SquigglePH. We recently launched this clothing line. And for our first release, we're selling Star Wars Pixel Tees in three designs. You can check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts for orders and inquiries (and please follow us, too)!

And that's about it! This year, I'm ditching resolutions (again) and go on with an annual theme/mantra instead, just like my previous #Explore2015 and #Achieve2016. Because I've been broken and still in the process of patching things up and discovering myself more, I've decided that my theme this year would be #Build2017. To continue with the projects I've started, to strengthen relationships with the people I truly care about, to love myself a bit more and to regain what I've lost this past year.

So, thank you to all those people who have been part of my 2016. Whether for the good or for the bad, each of you made me stronger. And I am so ready for you, 2017. 👊🏻

If you're gonna have a theme for this year, what would it be?


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