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February 15, 2017

photo of my daily make up items

For this year, it is one of my goals to really improve my make up skills. And by improve, I mean be a pro (or somewhere near that, at least) in contouring, highlighting, perfecting the winged eyeliner and do a full-blown makeup. I started my research, watched make up tutorials and read hundreds of beauty reviews to give me an idea on how it's like... which made me realize that this is no joke. Make ups are daaaamn expensive especially if you want the best ones! So while I'm still saving up for my other priorities, I'm gonna settle for the basics first. Who would think that even the simplest make up routine would cost more than thousands? Yep, even I didn't realize how much I'm spending on mine.

Just this week, there's this Twitter trend initiated by Ellie Centeno called the #DailyMakeupTotal. Basically, it's just a flatlay of all the beauty products that goes on your face everyday and how much they cost. Let's see how much I've spent on mine:

daily make up routine & how much they cost

TOTAL: ₱ 3,540*

Banila Co. Prime Primer in Matte. Retails at 1,060-1,090 in local Banila Co. outlets and BeautyMNL, but I was able to score this item from Althea Korea for a discounted price of 620! (I wouldn't buy this one if it wasn't discounted. Haha!) And for a person with an oily to combination skin type, I'm pretty impressed with how this products pays off. For more tips on how to care for your oily skin, check out this article from Thank Your Skin.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream. Hoarded a couple of these items back in our Korea trip in 2015. A small amount of this BB cream goes a loooong way and has a great coverage when applied evenly.

Tony Moly Liptone Lipcare Stick 03 Mint. Another product from our Korea trip and one of the best lipcare products I've had so far! I'm also using Beach Born Bam Balm as substitute because this one's about to run out (and I can't find it in local Tony Moly branches I've visited).

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. As much as I love trying new shades and brands, this has been my go-to/favorite MLBB shade of all-time!

Witch's Pouch Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. Originally priced at 470, I got this steal (again) from my recent Althea Korea haul. It works okay for everyday use but I'm planning to up the kilay-gaming  by switching to pomades as suggested by my blogger friend, Melissa, from

Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one Powder Foundation in Natural. My face gets oily in the afternoon (especially my T-zone), so I make sure to have a powder/foundation like this one in my bag. Another reason: it comes with a compact mirror, and that's pretty handy with the other make-up routines, too.

Maybelline Blush 'em Cheek Color 01 I'm Glowy. Got this for FREE from during her giveaway last month along with a whole lot of other beauty products from her loot! 

L'Oréal Voluminous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara. A hand-me-down product from mom, so technically, I didn't spend on it. 😜

Disclaimer: This is just my daily make-up routine and doesn't go extensively up to eye shadows and contouring. But basically, this is it, because I rarely go to events anyway. I like keeping it simple, so in most days, I skip more than half of the process and proceed to my "rush make-up routine" with just and eyebrow pencil, lip balm and lip cream.

eyebrow pencil, lip balm and lipstick

Nyx in Stockholm and Tony Moly in Mint

*I got some of the products for free but I'm still including their price for reference. On the other hand, other products were purchased at a discounted price, but more or less, this is my average.

For three thousand, I'd say my routine is pretty cheap compared to some others whose #DailyMakeupTotal amounted up to 12,000! And besides, most of my beauty products would last me a year, so I guess it isn't that bad. It all depends on how much or how often we use/apply make ups anyway.

How much does your daily make up cost?


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