How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 04

February 8, 2017

Hello and welcome to another episode of me oversharing a bit more about my personal life! How to Really Know Someone questions tag is an on-going blog series wherein participants/bloggers will answer a certain number of questions per episode. Get to know me better as I answer 100+ interesting q's from the set and feel free to share your answers, too, on the comments section below. 😉 

20. How would you describe your father in four words?
Funny. Caring. Patient. Understanding.

21. If you were to change one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be?
I actually wouldn't want to change anything because I believe that God made me perfectly and that nothing else would suit me better than the way I actually look. But if I have to dig deep, I guess, my height(?). It's not much of an issue, but if I could gain just a few more inches just so I won't have to get my brand new pants repaired all the time, that would be really nice. Hehe jk. Through the years, I gradually learned how to accept and love my flaws & imperfections. I started to feel more confident and carefree, and it's one of the best feelings, really. Besides, there are advantages with being petite, too. 

22. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why?
After everything that has happened to me? Yep, I guess I could entrust my entire life to three people: my mom, dad, and Jo. I witnessed how they unconditionally loved me despite all the wrong I've done.

23. What is your favorite kind of flower and why?
Sunflowers! 🌻 I don't know, but it somehow reminds me that it's always a good day, everything's gonna be okay, that I just have to stay positive and I'll get through everything. Maybe because it's kind of sentimental to us, UP graduates, too.

24. What do you think about the death penalty?
Wow. Very timely. Okay, so I came across this info-graphic on Twitter a few weeks ago that says 7 out 10 suspects were wrongly accused of a crime. So basically, we've convicted more innocent people than the bad ones. I have yet to cross-check that statistics, but who would even be surprised given that we have a f*cked up justice system in the country? I wouldn't. It's no secret that we have been breeding pigs masked as politicians and government officials for decades now. And death penalty, in my personal opinion, would just make everything worse. Yes, I know, there are heinous criminals out there who makes me want to cut their balls out (sorry for the image), but then again, how about those people who are wrongly accused? Those who are innocent? I say we improve the judiciary system first before jumping into any abrupt decision like this immoral band-aid solution we call death penalty.

25. What is your ideal day?
Netflix and chill would sound very cliché (and not true because I'm not subscribed to Netflix). But my ideal day would probably look just like that. A weekend free from responsibilities where I could stay in bed all day, catch up on Modern Family or rewatch FRIENDS for the nth time, stuff myself with junk foods, and of course, with Josh. 💕

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What about you? What are your answers to these questions?


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