Food-tography 101 at Caffe La Tea with my Fujifilm X-A2

March 31, 2017 Congressional Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Food Photography Workshop with my Fujifilm XA2

The auto feature of my camera was such a life-saver when I didn't have any idea how to tweak its settings. I tried. I even saved some cheat sheets on my phone (but never really studied them). During most events, I'd end up having overexposed photos, blurry shots or unbalanced color schemes, so eventually, I'd resort to putting it back on auto. But I realized it'd be such a total waste if I won't improve my skills, so upon seeing Ms. Joy's post about a food photography workshop, I immediately signed myself up. And besides, it was free so I literally had nothing to lose.

Fortunately, I was chosen as one of the participants in the said workshop. I know it's been months since I bought my own mirrorless camera but it wasn't until last weekend when I finally let go of the auto mode and started using my Fujifilm XA2's manual settings.

Caffe La Tea, Congressional Ave., Quezon City
Image from openrice

The workshop was held last Saturday at Caffe La Tea in Congressional Ave., a Filipino cafe/restaurant which started out in Nueva Ecija, bringing authentic and affordable dishes to its customers. We were served complimentary meals and drinks of our choice while learning how to shoot them like a pro.

The first three photos were shot in auto mode before starting the workshop:

Mozarella sticks
Buffalo wings
Clubhouse sandwich

In my opinion, they were kinda decent and somehow... acceptable. The high res photos mostly make up for the overall quality. But when I was introduced to the wonders of a manual setting, I was shookt. We learned how to take photos in different angles, adjust the exposure triangle, and most especially, tell stories with our photos.

Chicken and fries
Longganisa Pasta

We also worked on some flatlay shots and a few strategies on how to manage lighting using improvised materials aka the wonders of tin foils and illustration boards!

Breakfast flatlay

And my favorite shot... featuring the baby back ribs I ordered for lunch.

Baby back ribs

Best part of the workshop? I got to meet new friends from the blogging industry + goodies from my favorite cheesy and milky spread, Arla! 💙 (Photos courtesy of Joy Bites)

Participants of the food photography workshop

All photos in this post are unfiltered and unedited. I know that there's a lot more things to improve on but I'm really happy that I'm doing a little progress with this hobby. Huge thanks to Miss Joy Gurtiza, Caffe La Tea and Arla for making this happen!

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