Bench Paintbox: Waterdrop Lipstick Master Swatch + Review

July 11, 2017

BENCH/ has been around for quite some time now. It's a brand known to most Filipinos because of their wide array of lifestyle needs from clothing, bags, accessories, footwear and fragrances. I remember having shirts with the first bench logo (which was, literally, a bench) in different colors because it was somehow like a wardrobe staple back then. My first perfume which smelled of green apples also came from the same brand. I'm sure most of the 90s kids could relate! Even up to this date, Bench has never left my closet (hint: bench body). Haha! And I thought that was it.

Bench Paintbox Waterdrop Lipstick

Much to my surprise, Bench/ already has their own cosmetics line! (Thanks to Nicka for introducing me to this.) And no, I'm not talking about the wax for men and nail polish gels we've all seen in the counters. They recently stepped it up with a complete line for skin care and make up products. From aloe vera gel and make up remover to sunscreen foundations, brow powder, highlighters and bronzers, they have it all!

First impression? I was a bit hesitant, of course, because I honestly think make up isn't their forte to begin with, but I ought to give it a try since Nicka swore by some of their products. We decided to try their Paintbox Waterdrop Lipstick.

Bench Paintbox Waterdrop Lipstick Swatch
(T-B) Sheer Wine, Red Kiss, Dark Cherry, Crimson Kisses, Forever Pink, Burgundy Pout

The lipstick line has 6 different shades in demi (glittery) matte to matte finish.  

Sheer Wine -  the lightest color and my favorite shade among the collection. It's a nude shade with a pink undertone and has a matte finish. Could pass as a dupe for Maybelline's Touch of Nude.

Red Kiss - an orange red lip color. A very flattering color for women with light to medium skin tones.

Dark Cherry - a reddish-plum lipstick with a demi-matte finish. It is the darkest shade among the collection, so if you're into bold and vampy looks, this one's your best bet.

Crimson Kisses - the perfect red among the collection.

Forever Pink - a bold pink color that looks flattering on fair skin tones.

Burgundy Pout - a brownish red shade which reminds me of Maybelline's Touch of Spice. Ideal for all skin tones.

A dozen of swatches later, I ended up purchasing two shades that I think would suit me best and are wearable on a daily basis: Sheer Wine and Burgundy Pout.

Burgundy Pout and Sheer Wine
Swatch of Burgundy Pout & Sheer Wine

PACKAGING. The lipstick is in a tube, lip-crayon form which makes it very compact and sleek. The color on the packaging is kinda accurate with the actual color. My only problem is the label/name of the shade. It's on a sticker placed on the cap of the tube, so we had a hard time putting the cap in their proper shade when we were swatching. I wish the name of the shade was placed on the tube body instead.

APPLICATION & PIGMENTATION. It has a really good pigmentation! Glides smoothly on the lips and very build-able. The angled shape makes it easier to apply even on the corners of your lips.

FINISH. I'm not sure if Bench/ is going for a matte or satin-like finish, but I'm assuming that these lippies are mostly demi matte to matte. Some shades like the Burgundy Pout, Dark Cherry & Crimson Kisses are a little glitter-y compared to the remaining three shades.

LONGEVITY. Comparable to most mattes, this Waterdrop Lipstick doesn't easily fade and lasts for about 5 to 7 hours with no retouch. It's also easy to remove with a regular makeup remover/petroleum jelly.

PRICE. These lippies retail at ₱229 each. At first, I though it was a pretty good steal until I realized that it only contains 0.6 g, compared to Maybelline lipsticks with 4.2 g of formula priced between 150 to 299. I think it's a little pricey for that amount.

OVERALL. The formula of these Waterdrop Lipsticks is reaaaally good! It's not drying,  it's long-lasting but not to the point that you'd have a hard time removing it. The label also says that it's made in South Korea (and that's like a stamp of approval in the beauty world). I didn't know BENCH/ could keep up with other leading make up brands when it comes to these lipsticks. However, the price and amount of product was quite disappointing.

BENCH/ Paintbox Waterdrop Lipstick
Available in Zalora, BENCH/ Online Store and BENCH/ outlets nationwide.

Which shade do you like best?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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