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July 19, 2017

Learning how to do my own make-up has been one of my goals this year. And by the first quarter of 2017, my then-makeup-purse became a big-ass pouch because of too much beauty hauls and hand-me-downs from Mom. I've been trying this and that to see what works for me best, and then eventually distinguished the essentials that I need. And when you're in that experimenting stage, you can't help but have occasional breakouts especially when you're introducing a new product to your skin or you're a little sensitive about a certain ingredient. I realized make-up goes hand in hand with proper skincare.

So when Beauty MNL tapped me for a collaboration, I immediately said yes and proceeded to give their site a test run. And as much as I love my beauty haul from South Korea, local products will always have a special place in my heart, so for this month's haul, it's all about #ProudlyFilipino beauty products! Thanks to Beauty MNL's new 'Local Finds' tab which made it easier for me to browse thru different brands that they are carrying.

ACV Soap, Hair Growth Booster, Silk Conditioner & Facial Mist

I've heard tons about the wonders of apple cider vinegar, but I wasn't convinced til I read the reviews from this product! It claims to lighten blemishes and dry up body acnes in a few weeks.. and so far, it does! Can't wait until this soap finishes the job so I can repurchase next.

For someone who's not too blessed with thick brows, this one's definitely a must-have! I've been struggling with uneven patches on my brows and some gaps on my lashes, so I really hope this product will do magic. Skin Genie's Hair Growth Booster has a powder-like scent (which I really love), and comes with a doe-foot applicator (although I wish they opted for a spoolie instead for easier application). I usually apply this every night before going to bed.

I initially thought that this was an international brand! This was the last item I put on my cart (more of a filler so I could avail the free shipping, lol). Based on its reviews, it looked very promising. But unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work for me. My hair is normally healthy and soft, but upon using this, it became more frizzy and harder to manage than usual. I'm not sure if it's because I recently had my hair colored so I'm still giving this a chance. Hope it works out!

This facial mist contains tea tree extracts, witch hazel extract, vitamin C and lemon extract. It claims to refreshen your skin, relieve inflammation and get rid of bacteria. And so far, not working for me either. It doesn't control my oil problem, doesn't get rid or at least minimize my zits. However, I do love the smell and the refreshing feeling after a spritz. Still crossing my fingers that my face could adapt with the product soon. I hope they also come in plastic bottles because the glass packaging is a little heavy for my makeup kit.

The unicorn hype isn't over! I've been wanting to get my first highlighter for quite some time now, and this Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter couldn't be more perfect! The pink-orange-yellow tones work best as highlighters. It gives off a subtle glow that lasts all day long. I guess the darker shades could work as eyeshadows, but I have yet to try that out.

I'm currently experimenting on different types of concealers, and this is my first time to use a cream type. Sooper Beaute's tube packaging is really convenient. It doesn't take too much space on my kit, and can easily be applied whenever I'm on the go. It has a creamy consistency that's easy to blend. However, it's only available in 2 shades (I got mine in Fair), so I hope they release more options soon. 

The products, so far, are either a hit or a miss, but for this one, it's definitely a 100% hit! Another local brand revelation for me. Got my first Colourette lippie in the shade Sahara, and I'm guessing it's one of their best-sellers since it's usually out-of-stock. Love the color and the chocolate scent! The pigmentation and longevity is really good. It has a velvety matte finish and not drying on the lips! I'm currently on the lookout for the next shade I'm buying.

freebies from BeautyMNL

Whenever I'm in doubt, I just check their in-house magazine BLOOM or their Beauty By You review section, to help me sort it out and narrow down my choices (because no matter how much I love shopping, I know deep inside that I can't have it all). One of my favorites is their Splurge or Save series where they compare high-end products to cheaper alternatives channeling the inner tita in everyone of us who doesn't wanna spend too much.

Bloom magazine

BeautyMNL's customer service has always been A++. You know how you don't want to keep waiting for too long after checkout, so I was really happy when I received mine on the next day! Navigating through their website is as light as breeze. I had no problem browsing through different brands or according to my specific needs and everything just got even better now that they have their own app!

Have you tried shopping from BeautyMNL?
What's your favorite local beauty brand?

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