The Sunday Currently, Vol. 06

August 20, 2017

It's been months since I last wrote an entry to this series. As much as I love blogging, I spent the last couple of months working on my personal career. I tried to curate weekly posts, but I can't seem to publish something that is half-baked, so here's a quick update until I get back to regular programming:

READING blog posts that I missed in the past couple of weeks. I was mostly MIA for the month of June, and up until now, I'm still adjusting with this freelance-ish schedule. I know I've said it before that I'd have more free time, but as it turns out, I'm still struggling to balance everything that I signed up for. Haha! No regrets though because I enjoy what I'm doing so far.

WRITING this, and another pending post for a beauty brand. And another one about food!

LISTENING to a Disney playlist on Spotify. It's been on loop for weeks now at my workplace and I can't complain because, come on, it's DISNEY.

THINKING about possible plans for our 3rd anniversary on October. It's like a celebration of both our birthdays, too, because we only see each other at most once a month. Do you guys have any suggestions? ❤️

HOPING my parents wouldn't go against it because, to be very honest, we barely have decent dates. Whenever he visits me, we usually just got to the mall or stay at home, because that's the only place that our time (and my parents) would allow. Lol

SMELLING the baby-powder scent of the hair-growth booster I applied on my eyebrows. Got it from Skin Genie in my last Beauty MNL haul, and yep, it smells soooo good and it works on my brows, too!

WISHING for a looooonger weekend! PLEASE.

WEARING yellow top and boxer shorts.

LOVING the complete make-up package which I got from Clozette and Max Factor a few weeks ago. I'm planning to do a review on their lipstick & eye shadow line one of these days (once I get to test them out). 
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WANTING a place for myself because reasons. I know it's not happening anytime soon, so I'm just putting it here.

NEEDING a new set of earphones. Misplaced two of them already, and I'm not willing to spend again on an Apple accessory because I swear they're the worst (aka too overpriced). 

FEELING meh. I don't know, really. My life has been pretty boring lately, but is it weird that I'm kinda okay with it? I didn't know social media could be THIS exhausting (a little back story: I work as a social media manager). My work involves answering a lot of queries and dealing with people nicely even if they're testing every bit of my patience. Kastress but keri lang. Kinda getting used to it, and I'm okay with that. For now.

CLICKING on this app I recently installed called Monefy. I've been having a hard time tracking my expenses lately, and decided that I might need a little help. And so far, it's going well. Not on the saving part, but at least now I know where exactly my money goes. Next step: actually saving up. HAHA.

How's your long weekend?
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