Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipsticks Swatch + Review

September 5, 2017

If I were to pick one product from my make-up stash, it's definitely gonna be a lipstick. It's like every girl's secret weapon... the final touch, and the most powerful statement. And the best part? You can always change your mind. So whether you're going for the girl-next-door or a girl boss look, your choice of lipstick will definitely seal the deal!

And when Clozette and Max Factor sent over some gifts a few weeks ago, I was so thrilled especially upon seeing four different shades of Velvet Matte Lipsticks from their line! I've always been on the safe side and nude has always topped my list when it comes to lipsticks, but it surely never hurt to pull off some other shades from time to time (especially when it's for free)!

Max Factor's Velvet Matte Lipstick has 7 different shades in nudes, pinks and reds (Love, Desire, Blush, Sunkiss, Nude, Rose, and Flame). Their formula claims to be infused with oils and butters for a moisturizing feel and a velvety matte finish. 

Beauty Review: Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipsticks
Max Factor Velvet Lipstick Swatch

Nude is your perfect MLBB shade. The satin-matte effect works best for this shade because it makes my lips look fuller and plump (looks like I'm just wearing a gloss, but with better-looking lips).

Sunkiss is a shade I can't confine. It looks peachy/orange-y on photos and swatches, but kinda looks more pink in person. Usually not a fan of this shade, but I ended up loving this the most!

Blush is a bold pink color. Not a shade I'd normally wear, but it looks very flattering on fair skintones.

Love is your best bet for your good ol' girl-boss kind of red. It's not too bright, but not too muted either.

Max Factor Nude, Sunkiss, Blush and Love

PACKAGING. The packaging is quite nice. The matte effect of the tube makes it quite elegant, but nothing too special. Just your regular bullet of lipstick. The number/shade is indicated below the tube, and accurately resembles the actual color. Shelf life is for 36 months, which is also specified on the packaging.

APPLICATION & PIGMENTATION. It has a buttery texture, so I had to check twice if I did receive matte lippies. But I love how it glides smoothly on the lips. The pigmentation is a bit sheer especially with the lighter shades, so I had to swipe a couple of times to build a more solid color.

FINISH. It has a satin-matte finish. I had to pat a tissue over my lips to make it look more matte. 

LONGEVITY. Not that competitive with most matte lipsticks. Lasts for about 3 to 4 hours without consuming any food or drinks. Maybe because of the shimmery finish, idk. But on the plus side, it really is moisturizing on the lips.

PRICE. The Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipsticks retail at ₱595 each (approx. $12), containing 4g of the product. 

OVERALL. The inner tita in me would probably hesitate to get this using my own money, and instead would wait for a sale or something. HAHA. I love the texture and moisturizing factor, but I honestly think it's not something that would go permanent on my make up kit. For me, some drugstore brands are way ahead in terms of longevity, finish and price.

What do you think about Max Factor's Velvet Mattes?
Which shade do you like best?
Are you into nudes, pinks or reds?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Products were sent to me as a prize from Clozette Co.'s giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

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