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January 11, 2018 Singapore

It was in 2010 when I first visited Singapore. We were kinda new to traveling, and it was just the 2nd country off our bucketlist back then, but we're lucky we had family friends in SG so we had no problems in roaming around the city's bests tourist spots at the time. But for first-timers, here's a list of must-visit places and a few tips to help.

Any traveler would tell you that you’re going to miss out the exciting adventures in life if you haven’t been in Singapore once. But what makes this small country one of top countries to visit by anyone? 

Its diversity.

Singapore’s wide-array of shared culture that cultivated to various food, recreational activities, entertainment preferences made it everyone’s perfect place to have a first-hand experience of Asian and Western culture mixed together. 

Countries like Singapore would be the ideal travel spot for anyone who’d like to unwind and free themselves from the stress brought by everyday life, whether you’re a student, an engineer, a private tutor, a tourist looking for your second home, Singapore is guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Listed below are just some of the best places in Singapore you should try as a first-timer.

Hawker Centre

If you’ll notice food parks or better known as Hawker Centre can be found anywhere in the outskirts of Singapore. What you’ll notice with this Hawker Centre is that they are categorized distinctively, hence you may choose from Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and other variety of foods. 
A quick tip for all of you first-timers, you may leave a packet of tissue on your preferred table for this signifies that someone has already called dibs on it and no one will try to seat on it. Cool, right? Even cooler when you see for yourself that even locals leave their gadgets to call dibs on their seats, talking about trust on their usual hawker centre. 

Madame Tussauds Singapore

We’ve all been wanting to see the Hollywood stars and famous artists and athletes all our lives, but either they live far away from our home or the obvious fact that you can’t just snag a picture with your favorite artist because of the heavy security they have. 

These dilemmas are solve through Madame Tussauds where you’ll have the opportunity to snap a picture with your favorite actors, athletes, and performers’ realistic wax figures whilst experiencing Spirit of Singapore- a boat ride experience that will take you to the rich history and culture of Singapore. 

The pricing for a full experience ticket for Madame Tussauds are as follows: 
  • Adults – 39 SGD 
  • Children – 29 SGD 
  • Senior Citizens – 30 SGD 

Marina Bay Sands

A symbolism of the modernism of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is home to several commercial infrastructures that has been a common tourist attractions. Just like the Sky Park, hotel that has ship-like structure on top and deck-like cards floors. 

While enjoying this view, you may roam around and see handful of restaurants of different cuisines to try and if you’re lucky enough, watch live shows from bands playing for the public. You’ll also get the chance to witness amazing light and water show in the evening and even have the chance to get a boat ride touring around the place. 

There are some independent artists doing shows (e.g. Yoyo show) and showcasing their performance to the public for free. Marina Bay Sands is open to the public day ‘til night with in stored surprises to enthrall you.

Merlion Park

One of the places crowded by tourists, getting a picture with this mythical creature would be totally worth of all the hassle you have to go through. This half-lion half-fish creature symbolizes Singapore itself and the Lion City.
Just make sure that while taking your best pose with the Merlion, utmost respect is observe for the people of Singapore pays high respect to it.


If you’re specifically interested in the history of Singapore, you may want to try visiting the Singapore Art Museum where you may explore different artworks and have an insight on the history of Singapore for free. If you’re keen to design and fascination the Red Dot Museum and Art Science Museum will take you in a creative way of learning.

If you want to look back at your younger years, the Mint Museum of Toys is here to give you that nostalgia and if you want to spirit up the nerdy persona in you, Science Center is always open for your pleasure of viewing and discovery.

Orchard Road

As you might have guest, the place is home to multiple orchards that you’ll enjoy while doing your shopping and enjoying the busy streets of Orchard Road. The choice is all yours when it comes on visiting the 22 malls, 6 department stores and almost 5,000 brands, thus you’ll never run out of gifts to bring home after visiting this place.

Aside from the shopping centers you may find here, you can also get to enjoy a 360-degree view of Singapore through ION Orchard and satisfy yourself with the state of the art infrastructures all around Singapore. 

Universal Studios Singapore

The only Universal Studios theme park you may see in Southeast Asia, the Universal Studios Singapore is a 49-hectare destination located at the Resorts World Sentosa and home to various thrilling and breathtaking rides and locations to enjoy. Local and international visitors at all ages may enjoy and have leap your hearts out as you enjoy your day in the place where you may have fun like a kid. 

The pricing for Universal Studios Singapore are as follows:

For one (1) day pass 
  • Adults – 74 SGD 
  • Children – 54 SGD 
  • Senior Citizens – 36 SGD 
For two (2) days pass 
  • Adults – 118 SGD 
  • Children – 88 SGD 
  • Senior Citizens – 58 SGD

Singapore will probably never run out of places you may visit. There are probably places waiting for anyone to be visited. Due to its reach culture and multiplicity in different aspects of life, may it be work, fashion, food, and entertainment, Singapore will never run out of various things to try and explore. That’s why it was never a question why many tourists have ended living here and embraced the life in Singapore and the spirit of the country itself.

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