Skincare Tips Minus the Skincare Products

February 20, 2018

From make-up removers, cleansers, toners, masks, serums, to moisturizers... I could go on for days since we all know how extensive skincare routines can get. And of course, it surely doesn't come cheap. If you're in it for the long haul, you really can't help but spend a lot especially if you're that keen into following the 10-step skincare routine that's all over social media in the past year. But more than the hefty price tags, proper skincare also goes along with our habits and discipline, because we all know that spending thousands on products won't really give you that instant pore-less and glass-like skin.


Don't let your expensive eye cream go down the drain over nights of Netflix & chill. Schedule specific times or dedicate your weekends to binge-watching series and movies instead of staying up all night finishing an entire season.

Sleep-deprivation makes our body produce more cortisol––a stress hormone–– which in turn, affects not just our moods, but our skin too! (6 Amazing Reasons to Sleep for Skin Health) Adjusting your sleeping schedule can greatly help not just your skin, but your productivity rate as well! I personally find myself working more efficiently whenever I start early.

The first part is always the hardest, that's why I'll try to come up with more tips because I know most of us won't be able to keep up with this first tip anyway.


Drink up! And by that, I meant water, not booze or anything more than just the good ol' H₂O. Our skin is our largest organ, and just like the rest of our body, it needs water to function well. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help get rid of body toxins and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

I used to drink just 3 to 4 glasses of water before, because I usually resort to sodas and juices whenever available. So, I added a section on my BuJo to help me keep track of my water intake per day. I also put a glass of water beside me while working so I would get reminded that I should drink more.


Always clean it with soap and water, especially after eating or using the rest room. You'll never know what you might transfer onto your face whenever you touch it, so better keep your hands clean. Keep a handy sanitizer or alcohol in your bag.


Admit it, you basically use your phone while doing a lot of other things! We can't control what we transfer from our hands and onto the screens of our phones! Imagine answering a call while in the middle of eating some finger food. That directly goes onto your cheeks, too!

It recently dawned on me that my acne breakouts might be because of my phone since my regular workday involves food and answering phone calls. So from then on, I made it a habit to always wipe my phone with a tissue and alcohol when needed.


After all the extensive (and expensive) night-time skincare routine, all you did was sleep, right? In the morning, try to skip the harsh cleanser. Using (harsh) cleansers can irritate the skin further and even wash away the necessary oils that your face actually needs. You could opt for gentle cleaners like COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser or Cetaphil as substitutes or simply wash your face with water.


Basically, the point is to lessen direct contacts with your face to avoid transferring bacteria. So, after washing your face with your usual cleanser + water, skip the towels and let your face dry by itself. Letting it soak in some water also adds a little moisture to your face. But for those who are not used to this method, the next hack is for you.


Never, ever use the same bath towel to dry your face after taking a bath or cleansing! Pat it dry with a tissue paper or a separate towelette with a soft texture to absorb water. Gently dab the cloth onto your face with soft pressing motions. Avoid wiping motions so you won't tug your face and trigger wrinkles and fine lines at an early age.


If you aren't required to doll yourself up for work, let your face breathe from time to time by going make-up free on certain days. After all, the end goal of doing skincare is to achieve the foundation-like finish without the foundation, right?

But for some of us who still has to hide those blemishes and skin discolorations, try switching to other lighter alternatives like BB creams, tinted moisturizers or sunscreens. I personally prefer using Pond's BB cream with SPF 30 PA+++ since it has a light to medium coverage and protects my skin from the sun at the same time. Go for products with dual purposes to lessen the layers on top of your skin.


For make-up junkies, always always clean your tools on a regular basis. Your way to hide the zits  might be the cause why they keep on appearing in the first place. For personal uses, soak your brushes–– especially foundation and concealer brushes–– in lukewarm water at least once a week, wash it with gentle soap and gently brush the tips on your palm in circular motions, rinse, then airdry.

I used to ignore most of these tips before because I didn't realize how the littlest habits were the ones that are actually causing my breakouts. Since the goal is to look flawless even without make up on, it's really important to incorporate discipline along with the skincare regimen we're all religiously committed to.

How about you? What are your product-free skincare habits? Share them below!

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