Ben&Ben and Benin

November 27, 2018 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Karpos Live 2.2: Ben&Ben and Clara Benin
(c) Iya Forbes, Magic Liwanag

When Josh & I started dating, we had this scrapbook of some sort where we placed our photos, wrote our plans, our bucket lists and compiled our movie tickets. Yeah, laugh all you want because I know it's sooooo highschool and very cheesy. HAHA. But I still think it's cute knowing we'd have something to look back into when we're older (or uglycry if ever we break up, lol).

Anyway, our bucket list included attending a concert together, and we almost did when Ed Sheeran visited the Philippines. I was a huge fan, but our budget was a little steep back then, and I didn't think we're ready to splurge a huge amount for a one-night-only event. And besides, the concert location and date was also unfavorable for the both of us so we had to pass. 

It couldn't be more convenient when I saw Ben&Ben together with Clara Benin having a concert in Quezon City just in time for our 4th Anniversary last October! It meant so much more as our first concert to attend together because we both adore the band. ❤️

Me & Josh at Karpos Live

Opening Act: MUNIMUNI
Karpos Live: Munimuni
Munimuni was the opening act for the concert. I came across them a couple of times through Spotify, but I appreciated this Indie Folk band even more upon hearing them perform live. Their Makata Pop performance was the soulful marriage of music and poetry that will surely hit through all your weakest spots.


Karpos Live: Clara Benin

Ever wondered how the angels would sound? Clara Benin might be it. Her music was so pure, serene and truly heaven-sent. All of us were in awe as we watch her strum and sing along with his Dad, Joey Benin, who is apparently a former member of Side A and the songwriter of "Forevermore". Talent really does run in their blood, I guess.

Clara Benin sang a couple of fresh tracks as well, and even had a creative dance interpretation while she sang Riverchild. Tbh, I only know a couple of songs, but it would be so hard not to love her and her angelic voice. My favorite of all-time would be Parallel Universe.

Clara Benin 2 of 3
Clara Benin 3 of 3

Main Event: BEN&BEN

And now, the best part: ninety minutes of Ben&Ben! They revealed that this was their longest set to date, so of course we were more than thrilled to make the most out of this concert with their music.

Karpos Live: Ben&Ben 2 of 4
Karpos Live: Ben&Ben 3 of 4
Ben&Ben performed some fresh hits like Balik-balikan, a song they released the next day with Sam Concepcion for Coke Studio, Ours, Branches, Mitsa and Mahiwaga. They also played a few unreleased tracks like Fall and Godsent, which I swear literally made me tear up. Studio versions soon please!

Karpos Live: Ben&Ben 4 of 4

Towards the end of the show, Ben&Ben together with Clara Benin performed a cover of Sugarfree's Burnout

Ben&Ben & Benin

It was a surreal experience. I am really happy that this was my first legit concert experience with Josh. We were dancing, jumping up and down, and singing our hearts out while they played our favorite tracks, and made us stop and stare at each other during their most heartfelt songs.

To cap it all off, here's our group photo with Ben&Ben at the Vertis North Tent. Yep, we're in there somewhere if you zoom it in. 

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